+  Currently all Empower Her services are being offered online.

+  Personalized physical therapy & wellness services offered through the convenience of a secure telehealth platform.

+  Please click here for more details on online services.  


Tell Me Your Story

I'm here to listen to every detail of your story. Your thoughts, feelings, and symptoms surrounding your pelvic health from as far back as you can remember, it's all valid and I'm here to listen. We start with a short 15 minute consultation to determine if your primary goal can be addressed via telecommunication. I'm here to help you put the pieces together.


We Meet & Take Action

All sessions are performed through a secure telecommunication platform. We'll work together to come up with a plan that best suits your needs. This could include stress management, corrective exercises, pain management education, education and direction on self manual therapy techniques, preparation for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum or modifications to current exercise regimen to best suit your pelvic health goals. Having an action plan appropriate to your needs is the first step to healing and being proactive in your health.


Get Back To What You Love

You put the plan in action and get back to doing what you love. The frequency of our meetings will be determined following our initial consultation. This varies greatly from person to person, but generally you will start seeing improvements soon!