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Empower Her offers several services to help you feel like you again.



This isn't your typical physical therapy clinic where you will often work with multiple therapists over the course of your treatment plan. There are high standards at Empower Her and continuity of care, building relationships and trust are important to me. Each visit is with the same doctor of physical therapy for at least one hour every visit. These sessions are held at our Fort Myers office. Home visit are also available in select locations and for select circumstances.


These packages are designed to keep mama's and their pelvic floors' well! Too often, symptoms are written off as normal during pregnancy and postpartum. Pain, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis are common but never normal. I'm here to help you thrive during pregnancy and help improve your labor and birth outcomes.

These packages are designed to fill the gap in pre- and post-natal care! I will work alongside you to ensure you are healing well, functioning well, and moving well!

Image by Katherine Hanlon


Dr. Emily is trained in the use of functional dry needling. A needle is quickly inserted into the muscle at various locations and creates an effect within the muscle tissue that helps to relax it, decreasing pain and inflammation, and improving function in the surrounding tissues and joints. We will offer this service to any patient whom we feel it will play a helpful role in their recovery process.

"Cupping," sometimes referred to as Myofascial decompression, is a form of soft tissue work. It is utilized to increase localized blood flow, release fascia and muscle tissue, improve scar tissue mobility, improve movement, and enhance healing.


This is more than your standard hospital birth class. In this 2 hour birth session you will learn how to support your pelvis and pelvic floor to prepare for labor and delivery, be guided through exercise and movements to use in the weeks leading up to birth and during labor to help open the pelvis, techniques for effective pushing, strategies and positions for birthing to help minimize perineal trauma, relaxation and breathing techniques, pelvic floor preparation for birth, postpartum healing guidance, and more! This session is jam packed with information that will leave you feeling empowered for your upcoming birth!

Birth Doula with Couple


Virtual visits are just that! Therapy from the comfort of you home! Maybe you're a busy mom who can't make it to the office for every visit or you'd rather seek care from the comfort of your bed because you have a newborn at home. Whatever the case may be, we're here for you! These sessions are also great for those who live outside of the Fort Myers area. Inquire to see if these services are appropriate for you.

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