+   Why choose online services?

We all live our lives in a state of hustle and bustle and making it into a traditional clinic appointment may not be within your means at this time. Instead of allowing your pelvic health needs to take a back seat, this is a great alternative to care. This format allows you the luxury of never having to leave home. Interaction is virtual from start to finish.

+   Do you accept insurance?

Empower Her Physical Therapy & Wellness does not contract with any insurance companies. This means that payment for service is due at the time of treatment in the form of debit card or credit card. This model of care allows Empower Her to provide one-on-one care that we feel best meets our clients needs.

+    How does the process work?

Once we determine online services are right for you, you will receive an email invite to sign on to a HIPAA complaint telecommunication platform as well as electronic intake forms. We will then meet to discuss your specific needs. Every session will be followed up with an email recapping our time together. This may include videos, images, or educational handouts appropriate to your needs.

It is important to me that I provide you with the best possible care. If we determine this isn't possible via a telecommunication platform, I will assist you in finding the type of provider you need in your local area for in-person care. 

- Dr. Kadish

+   What is a remote wellness consult?

A remote consult with Empower Her is a wellness based service that allows us to discuss your story and provide you with clarity surrounding your pelvic health. Remote consults provide recommendations and actionable steps. These actionable suggestions are given with the intention to streamline your pelvic health journey. Remote consults are perfect for individuals who do not have a pelvic PT in their area or for someone looking to fill gaps in their pelvic health journey. These sessions are not the same as an in-person physical therapy session/treatment.